What is CheckMEND and why use it?

Here at Buymygadgets.co.uk we take our responsibilities very seriously and pride ourselves in the ethical way we run our company. As a result we check all the gadgets sent to us with CheckMEND to ensure they are in the hands of the rightful owner as we do not want to pay people for gadgets that are not theirs to sell.

If you wish before sending us the gadget you can run a check on CheckMEND to ensure we will not refuse to pay for the gadget under the terms of the UK Recyclers Charter full details of which can be found here.

How to use CheckMEND?

Simply vist www.checkmend.com and you can then either run a single check or if you wish to check more than one gadget open an account.

* IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE: If you run a check on CheckMEND and get the all clear but between the time you run the check and the time we receive the gadget that status of the gadget changes we only ever use the lasts status check which we run when we receive the gadget.

Run a Single Check