How it works

How does BuyMyGadgets work?
Using BuyMyGadgets is simple!

We've worked hard to make BuyMyGadgets as easy as can be for you. To find out the Value for your Gadget, just follow these steps:

1Find Your Gadget On Our Website

Find your gadget through our search function or click on SELL MY GADGETS at the top of the page and
select the gadget(s) you want to sell to see how much it's worth.

2Give Us Some Details
To Get An Instant Quote

Answer a few easy questions to receive an instant quote for your gadget. Repeat the process for additional gadget(s) and use the checkout cart to submit your order.

3Send Your Gadget
Post us your gadget(s) within 14 days

So you're ready to process you're trade in, all that's left to do is complete the checkout! It just takes a couple of steps! Select how you'd like to get get paid, we can pay you via Bank Transfer or PayPa;! and then confirm your trade in and send us your gadget(s).

4The Best Bit. Fast Payment
Within 24 hours upon of receiving your Gadget

Once we receive your phone or device, we check your order and if all is correct we'll make payment within 24 hours of receipt. You smile, we smile.