iPhone 6 64GB
Apple iPhone 6 64GB

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Condition - Very Good
  • Fully functional and complete with working system software
  • All buttons work
  • All features work e.g. Making calls, touchscreen, Wi-Fi, camera, video etc
  • Complete with back cover and battery
  • No scratches or cosmetic damage, no cracks, water damage or damage to screen
  • Not be water-damaged (water indicators must not be red)

*Must be removed from iCloud & Activation Lock


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  • Bank Transfer
  • Paypal £75.00

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Excellent, Thank you

I can't deny to say I was a bit scared to send my phone and use this service. I'm a loyal customer from now on. The communication was great, I even got more money than offered at first (due to my phone's condition). Can I just say...it was an awesome experience!"

Monika Tumpi
United Kingdom, Cumbernauld, Glasgow